Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Degeratype Depicts Previous Unknown Torchwood Branch.

This remarkable image was discovered in a hidden compartment of a steamer truck that was undergoing restoration for a display on Victorian travel. It clearly depicts what is now believed to be a previously unknown team of agents serving the notorious Torchwood Institute. Besides the telltale sign on the fireplace, certain anomalies have been discovered in the print that have lead to such conclusion. Researchers have pointed out the peculiar weaponry displayed by the two gentlemen in bowlers and the wooden stake and mallet held by the elderly gentleman as evidence to support their claim. The images below are modern simulations based upon other images found in said steamer trunk that were too far gone to display in original form.

This image appears to have been taken during the same sitting as the one above.

Yet another image of the same five individuals. The columns and the fountain suggest this was taken either in a public building or a private estate. It has been surmised that this yet unknown branch of Torchwood may have been working out of a manor in similar fashion to use of the original Torchwood Estate.

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