Friday, January 16, 2009

Documented Evidence of Early Weevil Presence in England

The above image was found loosely stuffed in the pages of a worn, old Bible. On the back, written lightly in pencil, is the inscription "Vicar C.M. and African Weevil, Brighton". This evidence, added to the growing archive on the newly discovered Torchwood team, provides proof to the claims that the extra-terrestrial beasts known as Weevils have been present on England's shores for much longer than previously accepted. Note the hammer and stake used by the agent indicates a much different treatment of the creatures than is afforded in the present day. No explanation can be found for dubbing the beast African in origin.\

Move: 6/Def: 3/ Hits: 1/Str: 3/Agi: 4/Int: 4/Morale: 7
Brawl/Bite: 4+/Str: 4
Special: Alien
(have to revisit the show, so these are only my initial ideas on Weevil stats)

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