Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Photos Reveal More Torchwood Adversaries.

The following images were discovered at an antiquities auction. They were in a fireproof box hidden in the back of an old office file cabinet. The first two were in a folder labeled, "The Case of the Chinese Magician". Thus far, no other case files have been discovered.

The above image was in a postal envelope. Analysis of stains on the envelope suggest it may have come from South Africa. Written lightly in pencil on the back of the photo is the inscription, "Gazelle? Zulu? Perhaps a GaZulu!" The two Gentlemen in the photo have not been identified.

This image is an updated version of a badly damaged photo from the "Chinese Magician" Case File.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Additions to Torchwood Archive Reveals Steam Soldier Adversary.

Image TWA572 Depicts A Torchwood Agent leading members of the Home Guard, demonstrating a level of cooperation between the secrete society and the regular military. Partial reports discovered with this image tell the tale of an attack by metal soldiers powered by steam boilers. These "Steam Soldiers" were perversely designed to appear as Home Guard soldiers, perhaps as a means to disguise their true nature.

This horrific, colorized image was at first thought to be two Home Guardsmen. However, it depicts the bayoneting of a soldier by one of the mysterious "Steam Soldiers" (left). Note the boiler on the back of the metal monstrosity.

The above image, badly deteriorated, seems to depict an Agent dismantling an inert "Steam Soldier". The modernizations below depict how the "Uniform" of these fiendish machines may have been designed to gain the element of surprise over unsuspecting soldiers of the Queen.

This first image shows the forces of the Queen encountering what appears to be a fellow soldier.

Once the distance is closed, however, the "Steam Soldier" attacks the unsuspecting guardsman.

More information on this nefarious adversary is being compiled with the intent of publication at a later date.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Modern Technology Improves Images of "African Weevil"

The original print of this image, now lost, has inscription in pencil "Weevil Popping".

This image has been claimed to depict the same Torchwood Agent confronting a Weevil in a Brighton resort.

Modern restoration of the original "African Weevil" image.

Documented Evidence of Early Weevil Presence in England

The above image was found loosely stuffed in the pages of a worn, old Bible. On the back, written lightly in pencil, is the inscription "Vicar C.M. and African Weevil, Brighton". This evidence, added to the growing archive on the newly discovered Torchwood team, provides proof to the claims that the extra-terrestrial beasts known as Weevils have been present on England's shores for much longer than previously accepted. Note the hammer and stake used by the agent indicates a much different treatment of the creatures than is afforded in the present day. No explanation can be found for dubbing the beast African in origin.\

Move: 6/Def: 3/ Hits: 1/Str: 3/Agi: 4/Int: 4/Morale: 7
Brawl/Bite: 4+/Str: 4
Special: Alien
(have to revisit the show, so these are only my initial ideas on Weevil stats)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Member of Torchwood Identified!

One of the Five person Torchwood team depicted in the recently discovered photo has been identified as Lady Felicity Rosewell, widower of James Rosewell and well known adventuress. Lady Rosewell, second from left, mysteriously withdrew from society after the untimely death of her husband. Biographers will now be able to fill in the many gaps of her extraordinary life story as more information on her Torchwood activities are discovered.

Lady Felicity Rosewell (unique character)
Move:6/Def: 3/Hits: 2/Str: 3/Agi: 3/ Int: 8/Morale: 9
Special: I am Torchwood (affiliates person with the organization, familiarizes with aliens etc, and can get character past most authority figures into nearly anywhere), Monster magnet, Psycic, Infiltrator, Hypnotise.

Researchers Discover Model of Pistols Displayed in Old Photo

Researchers believe they have now identified the bizarre pistols noted in the now infamous "Missing Torchwood Photo". The Gentleman on the far left of the image holds an over-large pepper box pistol with three or four barrels. It is now identified as a rapid fire weapon acting like a miniature Gatling gun.

(Gatling Pistol/ Tech level: Modern/ Range: 12"/ Str: 3/ Special: Burst)

Though a minority of experts claim that it is rather a miniaturized shotgun.....

(Hand Shotgun/ Tech level: Modern/ Range: 12"/ Str: 3/ Special: Blast 2", +1 to hit)

Similarly, the man standing in the center of the group holds a weapon scientists do not agree on. Majority opinion states emphatically that it is a heavy pistol of modern and alien design...

(Heavy Pistol/ Tech level: Modern/ Range: 12"/ Str: 4/ Special: Disruptor)

Others, though not as many, are equally convinced that it is in fact a Long Ranged Revolver....

(L.R. Revolver/ Tech level: Modern/ Range: 12"/ Str: 4/ Special: Laser )

The debate will continue until the such time as more information can be applied to the dilemma.

(Stats for the Doctor Who Miniature Game by Graeme Dawson)

New Degeratype Depicts Previous Unknown Torchwood Branch.

This remarkable image was discovered in a hidden compartment of a steamer truck that was undergoing restoration for a display on Victorian travel. It clearly depicts what is now believed to be a previously unknown team of agents serving the notorious Torchwood Institute. Besides the telltale sign on the fireplace, certain anomalies have been discovered in the print that have lead to such conclusion. Researchers have pointed out the peculiar weaponry displayed by the two gentlemen in bowlers and the wooden stake and mallet held by the elderly gentleman as evidence to support their claim. The images below are modern simulations based upon other images found in said steamer trunk that were too far gone to display in original form.

This image appears to have been taken during the same sitting as the one above.

Yet another image of the same five individuals. The columns and the fountain suggest this was taken either in a public building or a private estate. It has been surmised that this yet unknown branch of Torchwood may have been working out of a manor in similar fashion to use of the original Torchwood Estate.