Saturday, January 17, 2009

Additions to Torchwood Archive Reveals Steam Soldier Adversary.

Image TWA572 Depicts A Torchwood Agent leading members of the Home Guard, demonstrating a level of cooperation between the secrete society and the regular military. Partial reports discovered with this image tell the tale of an attack by metal soldiers powered by steam boilers. These "Steam Soldiers" were perversely designed to appear as Home Guard soldiers, perhaps as a means to disguise their true nature.

This horrific, colorized image was at first thought to be two Home Guardsmen. However, it depicts the bayoneting of a soldier by one of the mysterious "Steam Soldiers" (left). Note the boiler on the back of the metal monstrosity.

The above image, badly deteriorated, seems to depict an Agent dismantling an inert "Steam Soldier". The modernizations below depict how the "Uniform" of these fiendish machines may have been designed to gain the element of surprise over unsuspecting soldiers of the Queen.

This first image shows the forces of the Queen encountering what appears to be a fellow soldier.

Once the distance is closed, however, the "Steam Soldier" attacks the unsuspecting guardsman.

More information on this nefarious adversary is being compiled with the intent of publication at a later date.

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