Thursday, January 15, 2009

Member of Torchwood Identified!

One of the Five person Torchwood team depicted in the recently discovered photo has been identified as Lady Felicity Rosewell, widower of James Rosewell and well known adventuress. Lady Rosewell, second from left, mysteriously withdrew from society after the untimely death of her husband. Biographers will now be able to fill in the many gaps of her extraordinary life story as more information on her Torchwood activities are discovered.

Lady Felicity Rosewell (unique character)
Move:6/Def: 3/Hits: 2/Str: 3/Agi: 3/ Int: 8/Morale: 9
Special: I am Torchwood (affiliates person with the organization, familiarizes with aliens etc, and can get character past most authority figures into nearly anywhere), Monster magnet, Psycic, Infiltrator, Hypnotise.

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